Who is elisha dushku dating

While there she also visited the Albanian Community in Kosovo and got an Albanian Eagle tattooed on the back of her neck.

[cite news|url= Wears Her Heritage Proudly|last=Beggy|first=Carol|coauthors=Mark Shanahan|date=June 8, 2006|publisher=".

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Also, later in the same year, she had a small appearance in the music video for Paris Hilton‘s song “Nothing In This World”.

[on being sober]I'll tell you right now I still dance on tabletops, I still have such amazing times, and I connect with people. I'm back in college at 36 years old, attending Suffolk University, and pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology and hope to work with addicts.

It's something I always wanted to do and I didn't get to do because I was on a different path.

1996 movie Dancing on the Moon for her role as Sarah.

Educational Canadian television series Popular Mechanics for Kids (or sometimes called as PMK).