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Can you see the totem bar when all addons including Razer Naga are disabled?

Fraps 3.5.99 - 26th February, 2013 - Fixed counter not appearing in Aero desktop (DWM) and DX10 games after latest Windows Update Fraps 3.5.9 - 30th August, 2012 - Fixed crash when initiating loop recording - Fixed periodic stutter for some users during loop recording Fraps 3.5.8 - 22nd August, 2012 - Fixed intermittent crash recording from Open GL games - Fixed crash when unable to access sound device - Fixed minor memory leak with Win7/Vista sound recording - Fixed crash encountered by some users when ending a recording Fraps 3.5.7 - 14th August, 2012 - Fixed audio sync in long recordings for Windows XP users - Fixed problem taking screenshots from DWM even with counter on screen - Fixed 64-bit Direct X 11 games always being recorded in lossless RGB - Fixed corruption in video when audio source set to 11.25k Hz - Other minor bug fixes Fraps 3.5.6 - 21st July, 2012 - Fixed microphone drifting out of sync in long recordings under Windows 7 & Vista - Fixed clipping with audio sources greater than 8 channels - Fixed audio from mono USB devices only appearing in left channel - Reduced latency of capture from external inputs Fraps 3.5.5 - 12th June, 2012 - Fixed black borders captured around Game Maker based games - Fixed crash in D3D10/11 video recording with 64-bit applications - Fixed scrambled colors saved with some 10-bit color modes Fraps 3.5.4 - 30th May, 2012 - Improved capture speed for D3D8 games - Fixed Max Payne 1 not recording when AA enabled - Fixed error when initializing Direct X on Windows 7 Fraps 3.5.3 - 27th May, 2012 - Fixed micro-stutter in recorded video after temporary framerate drop - Fixed missing video frames in some games after rendering paused - Fixed bug causing error message on startup for some users Fraps 3.5.2 - 20th May 2012 - Fixed missing audio at end of long recordings - Fixed error preventing movie playback in Windows Media Player - Fixed screen freezing when starting video capture in Minecraft & other Open GL games - Fixed crash during video mode switch in Dos Box Fraps 3.5.1 - 18th May 2012 - Added support for ex FAT drives writing larger than 4 Gigabytes - Fixed crash when large custom resolutions used in game Fraps 3.5.0 - 26th April 2012 - Support for large AVI movie files (above 4 Gigabytes) on NTFS drives - Added option to split AVIs at 4 Gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support - Fixed loop recording using large amounts of disk space for short clips - Fixed benchmark logs not being saved if game was quit before benchmark ended - Fixed View folder not opening window on some machines - NEW MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: CPU with SSE2 required (Pentium 4 & above) - Windows 2000 is no longer supported (Windows XP & above) The latest version of Fraps includes an update to the loop recording mode, allowing you to specify a custom length for the buffer (rather than the default 30 seconds).If you can include any details of what the error consists of, it will help up us a lot.In case your anti-virus program or firewall limits you from XIGNCODE activation, you may receive an error from XIGNCODE or the game client.If you send us an attachment of your file to [email protected], we will share feedback after detailed analysis.When sending us your inquiry, please include as much information as you can regarding the error which could help us a lot. If you had a XIGNCODE error that cannot be solved from our FAQ method, you can send us an email with the attached.