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You can also apply for a court order to have the minutes amended.We recommend you seek legal advice about your concerns if you cannot resolve them through mediation.If you are passing a special resolution, there may be other requirements you need to fulfil.See 'Special resolutions' below for more information.External requirements are imposed by the state in which your business is incorporated and any state where it is registered to transact business (has undergone foreign qualification).

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Failing to regularly meet ongoing requirements in a timely manner can have big consequences for small businesses.

It gives the appearance of coming from a legitimate government agency and cites state law. The letter is being sent under the business name INDIANA COUNCIL FOR CORPORATIONS.

This is an assumed name (dba) registered with the secretary of state for the Michigan corporation MANDATORY POSTER AGENCY, INC.

This letter is NOT an official correspondence from my Business Services Division or any other Indiana state agency.

If you received one of these solicitations, you are not required to respond to it.