Updating a result set

To demonstrate this, let's first build a Cold Fusion query object from scratch: Notice that we are providing default values for the "name" column, but not for the "is_cute" column.As such, the "is_cute" column will be filled with NULL values (represented on the output as empty strings): Now, we have to loop over the query and update the appropriate cells.What would be really nice (which I experimented with) is if Cold Fusion query of queries supported UPDATE and DELETE SQL statements.

updating a result set-14

A row in a relational database table can be thought of as representing an instance of the entity that the table represents.For instance, an array could not be a column value because an array may be made up of multiple elements.With the advent of SQL3 data types, however, the permissible content of table columns has expanded dramatically.I want to provide the data for the table control after a user enters some text in a field and hits 'search' button.Then I want grab the info from the user and query the db. [closed] Complex forms with data and data entry from many to many relationship tables How can I use a checkbox that alters a field value in Writer?