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Dan Klein comments on Donald Trump's FDA nominee for the Heartland Institute.

Klein, with Alex Tabarrok, edits the FDA Review project of the Independent Institute.

This also makes it easier for me (and anyone else) to pass this advice onto the next person. The community is so hostile and unhelpful, the site and wiki full of conflicting information, and almost all builds for anything besides the old Linksys gear is in a real unstable state.

It seems almost inevitable that DD-WRT will just result in bricking your router and having some forum asshole mock you for it.

This makes it critical for network operators to be able to control their own destiny by rapidly adding to their network features they need while keeping out feature changes that increase risk and complexity.A psychology researcher sent me an email with subject line, “There’s a hell of a paper coming out in PPNAS today.” He sent me a copy of the paper, “Physical and situational inequality on airplanes predicts air rage,” by Katherine De Celles and Michael Norton, edited by Susan Fiske, and it did not disappoint.By which I mean it exhibited the mix of forking paths and open-ended storytelling characteristic of these sorts of PPNAS or Psychological Science papers on himmicanes, power pose, ovulation and clothing, and all the rest.It is a cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux.ACS allows us to debug, fix, and test software bugs much faster.