Radajaxpanel not updating

I am facing problem in updating/ refreshing the controls which are in Rad ajax panel .I have a Rad ajax panel in which i have placed a grid, and Rad Panel Bar side to side by placing them in table.Update: I added a couple of javascript callbacks to the Page Manager class in the browser for begin Request and end Request. The page contains several elements which basically look like this (details omitted): 2) Choose an animal group and then execute scenario 1.In scenario 1 an async postback is initiated by the client side code and the button event is handled server side.The only way I can get it to refresh is by manually refeshing the browser. I have now put this in the markup around the Rad Grid and the linkbutton. I don;t see how this will change things..surely I have to do something with this Rad Ajax Panel?from the event handlers does not change the situation.when the user selects any record in grid the details of that record will be shown in it's beside Rad Panel Bar.So in this process of selecting records i am refreshing the Entire Rad ajax panel for getting the correct selected record details.

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In either scenario clicking on the external trigger causes the list to be displayed.Subsequent to this selecting a ration and clicking on the use ration button initiates a postback, the list view is populated and the end Request code is executed.Is it possible to use two separate Rad Ajax Panel controls side-by-side on the same page? When I click on the button in panel #1 the 2nd panel disappears. I've never had an issue where one panel disappears... The idea is that you define a "triggering control" and than controls that are affected.I'm not sure what triggers your "force a partial postback" - but if I assume that it is a button than you can a script like this: To achieve the desired result, you can call the ajax Request() method of the ajax panel.