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Using archival research and performance art, Lewis' goal is to discuss the many ways individual desires are rooted in problematic conceptions of varying identities.Lewis has raised more than ,000 from 550 backers for “No Fats, No Femmes,” which is still in pre-production.I told a friend I was working on a porn site, and they said “I hope it’s a queer, feminist, body positive porn site” and I was like “that sounds like the least sexy porn site ever.” Actually, I think my exact words were closer to “anything that politically correct would make my tits fall off” but same diff. I keep trying to settle things down, to narrow my field so I can know where to look for people I like.I’m a bit of a “loosely typed” bisexual so I find myself attracted to a lot of different kinds of people. Just last year, I was like “I think I’m going to be a lesbian.The attention he-she has received, which includes support from the gay dating app Jack’d and a mention from Tribeca Film, has taken him-her across the country to speak on body and femme positivity, including to Cal State Los Angeles.being held in Brooklyn for three weeks starting this Saturday, as part of the reartshow effort.

To Jamal Lewis, however, who is also black and who identifies as “gender deviant,” being fat and effeminate is a source of power and a subject worthy of exploration in a documentary titled “No Fats, No Femmes.”“For me, I’m just interested in the spaces that people are afraid to occupy,” said Lewis, who uses “he-she” as a gender pronoun.And there's also this trend now with feminist art that hails the selfie as a kind of tool of empowerment, a reclamation -- which is really cool, and I really like some of the art that's being produced around that -- but I also think that visibility is a double-edged sword for most other people who don't fit the mainstream standard of beauty.[Like, in regards to ideas of visibility and fatness, one of our artists, Rachele Cateyes, was inspired to start fat-centric, body positivity art when a photo of her in a bikini was stolen and used for diet ads.It’s been years since I’ve been into a man, let’s just switch from being ‘bi’ to being ‘gay.’” Then, of course, I find myself being attracted to men again and the whole thing goes to shit.And, realizing unique attractions is always emotionally difficult.