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God, I would like to thank you for your mercy and love by blessing me with life and good health enabling me to enter 2012 in one good piece! There is nothing I could manage on earth without God's mercy and love.

Lord Jesus Christ and the Holly Spirit, look after me and my family with your watchful eyes above there! Now Lord Jesus Christ, promise to bless me with success in all my projects, in all my tribulations, in all my aspirations.

Previously she said in an interview with The Blaze that she finds it 'impossible to subscribe to a philosophy that believes that the destruction of human life is a legitimate solution to a problem that is mostly social, economic and psychological.' Heaton currently stars as the matriarch on ABC's 'The Middle' (pictured).

Es dificil enfrentarse a esta dura realidad, separarse fisicamente de ese ser tan especial que marca nuestras vidas, sin embargo Dios sabe por què permite...nuestras màs sinceras condolencias vayan para ustedes ,anhelando sea Dios Todopoderoso en su infinita Misericordia Sanando sus corazones rotos , poniendo paz y dando fortaleza en Este momento de dolor! Love Knows no boundaries- even those that divide heaven and earth. I work at the Island Trees Public Library and loved seeing and speaking with Lillian when she would come in for book chat. Mann was a wonderful teacher; his calculus classes were awesome. (Revelation 21:4) I hope that reflecting on these thoughts will give you some relief during this difficult time. I feel incredibly blessed to have had such a kind and loving soul come in to my life and become my sister~in~law, my friend.

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The surgery left him as an insulin-dependent diabetic, and he then nearly died from a blood disorder in 1978.

His 20-year marriage to Ms Phillips, which ended in divorce in 1979, was once one of the most famous couplings in the theatrical world, rivalled only by that of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.

O’Toole had hardly any film experience when in 1962 he got the break of a lifetime in Lawrence of Arabia, playing T. Lawrence, the British army officer who led the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Turkish empire during the First World War.

The role had been turned down by Marlon Brando and Finney.