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Many fans distinguish female-focused slash as a separate genre, commonly referred to as femslash (also known as "f/f slash" or "femmeslash").

These fan written stories are not canon, and the characters are usually not engaged in such relationships in their respective fictional universes.

But it’s the surprisingly witty script that gives 5.9 stars It’s weird how many people just don’t seem to get horror comedy.

The questions are broken up by categories, including customs, stereotypes and language, and are simply listed at the top of the site. -FRHn-sectarian, non- partisan..largest Arab-American grassroots organization in the United States." You can read about current Arab issues and find out about events and ways to get involved.

- ESY & LEM This website's Legal Services link provides important information concerning hate crimes against Arab Americans and Muslims, as well as extensive coverage of how to protect yourself in this time of war.

You wouldn’t be proud of getting six out of ten on most kinds of tests, would you?

Don’t blame us if, purely off the back of this article, their individual ratings suddenly shoot through the roof. It picks up perfectly from the similarly fun The Brady Bunch Movie, but adds a dose of incest, plenty of very funny jokes, and a really quite inspired drug sequence.