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Those elements of social and moral decay that we are witnessing today; the increasingly pornographic culture, high divorce rates; growing numbers of unwed single mothers; the hordes of illegitimate children; homosexuality and lesbianism, sexual perversion and the alarmingly high number of abortions, is not some new phenomenon.

In my recent article, `Who Rules The World,`[1] I hypothesized that the very source of those afflictions, which have and continue to debase and deconstruct our way of life, eroding ever more, all that was once marvelous and righteous, in lands which once formed what was known as `Christendom,` is literally the work of Satan/Lucifer, who with a little help from his legions of `Fallen Angels,` Demon helpers, and his bloodline [3]descendants known as the Illuminati, is establishing his dominion here on earth, just as he set out to do at the very beginning of time.

Having outlined in detail in that three part series the basis for my hypothesis, there is no need to elaborate further here.

It is an ingenious and fiendish plot that has been around for many Millennia (see Sodom and Gomorrah and the cruel and debased cultures prevalent throughout the land of Canaan and further afield during Old Testament times) designed to annihilate what is, the very heart and foundation of all good and decent society; namely, the family!

You are about to read written proof of this clandestine conspiracy.