Dating stone age tools

New pornographic figurines from the Stone Age have been discovered in Germany.But researchers can't agree on what the 7,000-year-old sculptures his 2012 book, "Newgrange, Monument to Immortality," Irish journalist Anthony Murphy argues that the Newgrange and Knowth were enormous calendars used by the Neolithic farmers to measure years, leap years and more.

Since its discovery on August 19, 2003, the partially intact "Adonis from Chernitz" -- as it has been dubbed -- has been creating quite a stir at the state office of archeology in Dresden.It was discovered on the banks of the Danube River, in Austria, and it was most likely made by hunter-gatherers who lived in the area.The figurine was made with great skill, as were many others like it.New analysis using Reflectance Transformation Imaging and photogrammetry has revealed evidence for previously unrecorded motifs, erasure and reworking.Hence these chalk drums were not decorated according to a single, pre-ordained scheme, but were successively carved and re-carved over time.