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Most men in the books (and a few women) notice that she is very nicely built. Another noticeable trait about Sookie is that she speaks with the Southern Louisiana dialect.

She is known to always have a big smile on her face, which is sometimes due to nerves. Most people see Sookie as a nice, though simple, girl who may be little more than insane.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (via) Let's start with our most controversial on-and-off-screen couple, shall we?

But they got back together while filming the sequel and now all's right with the world. Miley Cyrus used to act and wear clothes and stuff!

Sookie is also polite and caring, always willing to help someone in need.

Many movie stars have fallen in love while working together on a film project. We are sure you have your favorite small screen couple who took their love beyond the set, but there are other TV couples which you may not have known were together.

Like so many celebrity couples before them, Wiley and Morelli’s love blossomed between takes.

But he's always been very protective over Sookie and — Sookie Stackhouse novels SPOILER ALERT — even ends up with her at the end of Charlaine Harris' series. Sure, we love Tara as a vampire, but it still means Debbie killed her! Alcide showed his loyalty when he helped cover for Sookie, who had murdered Debbie in retaliation.finale, this weekend’s news brought a ray of sunlight back to our Litchfield-loving hearts.Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey Washington in the Netflix Original, announced her marriage to girlfriend Lauren Morelli, a writer and producer on the series.'s resident faerie has gone through nearly half a dozen love interests in almost as many seasons.This year, her new potential flame is a fellow faerie hybrid named Ben Flynn (Rob Kazinsky), who suddenly came into her life last week — which naturally makes us worry about who Ben is.