Adult k9 fun groups

We greeted her back and she made her way to the training field.“Do you think she heard us?

” I asked Emma.“Not sure, but we better make sure we discuss this topic in a more private place in the future”I agreed and Emma made her way to the training field as more of her students were arriving.

Our work is focused on breeding the traditional type of German Shepherd with the objective to produce progeny with versatile utilization and high degree of trainability.

CZ is a group of professional breeders with 21 years of experience in breeding German Shepherds at former z Pohranicni straze (z PS) kennel.

My father is a very wealthy man, there was nothing in life that I ever needed that I didn’t get.

He made sure I did not come to expect an easy ride though, he had very high expectations and wanted me to make it on my own.

Our family would just like to say a BIG thank you for everything that you have done, and will continue to do for Rocco!

I wouldn’t have know his top to his bottom without your help!

At first there was nothing to see so I just sat there enjoying the breeze and drinking my coffee.

It was not like spying on them or anything, they often did the same.

The people in that building and in mine knew to close the blinds when privacy was required.

Jinopo gives you the possibility to buy dogs with working abilities in various stages of age and training with wide variety of working pedigrees for use in family/property protection, law enforcement and sport.

You can view our available adults here and current litters here.